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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

123 Taadaaa!

I am having fun trolling for people, inspired by having found a driver's license at the dog park this morning. The owner of the license is not on FaceBook, or MySpace, and doesn't come up in a google search, as far as I can determine.

No luck on the driver's license, so I'll follow the advice of a friend's friend the cop: just drop it in the mailbox.

And not an overwhelming result when I google myself. My little eight-letter name is very common. I could be anyone and do anything I guess, depending upon the day: porn author, distinguished professor, family planning advisor, landscape painter.

I found an interesting site that aggregates people search results, It's great one-stop shopping, and turns in pretty good results. I tried it on using friend's names. It does a good job of pulling from the social network sites, grabs linkedin profiles well and even turns up photos. All the links are clickable, so it's easy to navigate.

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