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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bait-n-switch is not a social technique

Shame on Geico. These pins are really an abuse of social media, using enticing images of a Panda, a delicious dessert and an enchanting vacation shot to entice Pinners into repinning, liking and commenting on this image-heavy social network. Geico isn't stupid, the social strategists there know what Pinners love: recipes, animals and exotic venues.

Geico isn't playing "fair" as these pins are nothing but pure promo, linking directly to a "Get a quote" web page. And pinners are sharing these ... giving their own followers nothing satisfying, only some free advertising for Geico.

Heck, Geico could have at least shared a recipe, a travel tip or some facts about Pandas on the link-through page.

Note to brands: if you are going to engage on social media, be honest in your actions and follow the "social" protocols. You can promote and advertise, but do it with taste and openly. And make your self-serving posts or pins only about 20% of your activity.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Facebooking for one of Madison's favorite people

This one is fun ... I have put up a Facebook business page for Madison's groomer, which means lots of dog pictures. That's an easy one.

The salon owner has negative tech skills, so I'll just teach her how to take photos from her iPhone and post them to the page. She wants to post a "dog of week" and encourage her clients to post photos too.

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