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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Targeted Audience Marketing on Facebook

Moms N Deals by and Dogs N Deals at is approaching 10,000 fans on Facebook. Without a concerted effort to market the Facebook page to our Website users, and with no advertising, it has been a slow process.

A couple of contests, run with Offerpop apps, gave us significant bumps in fans. The first, a "Refer a Friend" contest for $1500 in shopping sprees, was a good success, and seems to have garnered real fans. The second, a photo contest, revealed the shady side of Facebook and captured frantic sweepers, fake and multiple-account holders, and a slew of overseas scammers. Watch for my thoughts on Facebook contests in a separate post.

Anyway, at almost 10,000 hard-won fans, I continue to feel that their is no single "agenda" for our fans. The nature of our site is diverse - over 750 catalogs in more than 31 categories - and our social posts have been schizophrenic. One day I am posting deals from a dollar store, the next hot pumps from Chinese Laundry and a few hours later, new catalogs from auto parts retailers.
I decided to try creating two Facebook pages, branded to, but targeted at very specific audiences. Neither of these pages are promoted at our website, and are not advertised. For now, they are growing "organically."
Check them out at Moms N Deals by and Dogs N Deals at

The names say it all; the user knows what to expect.

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