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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Google +

I admit it ... I'm a Facebook addict. I love the new timeline, I love connecting to other sites with my Facebook, I love "liking" and "sharing."

And now I love Pinterest. Almost as much as I love Facebook.

Actually, when I'm off-the-clock, these are the tabs I always have open to my personal accounts.

Google + , not so much. I just can't get into it, because I feel like a traitor, eschewing FB and asking my contacts (really all of who are on Facebook) to jump over to a whole new world. And I have - from the very beginning of the Google + hype - felt like there was some social-guru snobbism "over there." So my +anne account is pretty dismal. It's there.

But I am maintaining an alter ego on Google + for Catalogs. I have an account for myself with my work email, and a respectable number of PR, media and social types in Circles. I run the page for on Google + too. It is valuable to have a business presence there, and to post articles, images and public relations materials.

Check out what I'm doing on Google + for Put us in your "shopping" circle.

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