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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Video Script: Find Beauty and Cosmetics at

Script writing was a cool project - I wrote and directed five "starter" videos, working with a video production firm, to introduce shopping categories at

The process of writing effective short scripts is actually very simple:

1. Write your keywords (think SEO) down - make the list as comprehensive as possible
2. Start arranging your keywords into phrases and then sentences
3. Use each word only once. There is no room for "waste"
4. Figure 2 words per second, max. That means a 30 second video is 60 words. Or less.

Tweak, tweak, tweak.

Read the script out loud. Have someone else read it out loud.

I wrote this script for the "Rugs & Flooring" category. I like the way it reads, it has a nice clever factor, without being too "cute:"

What’s under your feet? If your floors need attention, we’ve reviewed and found the best interior solutions online.

Click to browse hardwood, laminates and tiles. Discover everything from Southwestern area rugs to Persian carpets. Find your style and shop on the web or order catalogs. The red tags mean great discounts!

At you’ll be floored with what you find.

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