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Friday, July 31, 2009

Mini-media campaign for construction group

This is an interesting project. A group of construction professionals, each with their own consulting business, are joining forces under the umbrella of Construction Advisory Group. They need to project a unified presence, promote their expertise and compounded experience in the field, leverage connections and communicate with each other.

Alex Smith, one of the principals, has set up a Web site, so they already have a start at an online presence.

I created a blog, using the same color template as the Web site and the white line graphic from their Web site as the header image. I have written a few initial posts and added content to the sidebar. The blog links to blogs created by other members of the consortium. They are committed to commenting between their posts. The roster of partner names links to each of their profiles on LinkedIn. An RSS feed of the group's Twitter posts is included.

The color theme is carried through to Construction Advisory Group's Twitter account. A customized background using the white line graphic, as well as a photo from the Web site, was designed. I think that Twitter works best with a hip, hot, splashy sensibility, so the primary color was switched to yellow, which picks up a primary shade from the photo. I have set up Google news alerts for CAG using keywords, and am tweeting for the group. The Twitter page includes a link to the CAG Web site and the blog.

On LinkedIn, all the principals have set up profiles, and are members of a Group for CAG. The LinkedIn profiles link to the Web site and the blog.

The beauty is in "closing the loop." Each vehicle is used to greatest advantage, and all are interconnected.

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